Syeda Haya Zaidi

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Born to a traditional family in a fairly over- populated city of the country, Haya Zaidi, is interested in anything and everything. Her practice involves making works which indirectly question the patriarchal nature of the society while commenting on the universal capitalistic rituals, blind conformity tied to a geographical code of conduct and superior selfishness and righteousness present in human nature.
Her work is a byproduct of leaving home and then without a warning, coming back to it. She is interested in questioning everything. At an early age of 15, she participated in a Youth Exchange and Study Scholarship. Having spent quite some time alone on a different land at a young age, various questions of right and wrong, fair and unjust, faith and fact, personal choice and forceful enforcement, religion and control, minimum wage and modern slavery; and becoming a conscious human being or a vehicle of childbirth and a tool for the advertisement industry, began to arise. Since then, she is on a quest, to surprise the viewer and disturb him too.
Haya, graduated from National College of Arts in 2017 and holds a distinction in miniature painting. She has participated in Premise of Promise, Group Show at Canvas Gallery – Karachi curated by Quddus Mirza which was held in February 2017 and at The Annual Emerging Artists Show 2017 at My Art World in Islamabad. She is also set to exhibit in Gandhara Art Gallery on 20th July 2017 in ‘Microcosm’ curated by Adeel Uz Zafar.

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