Rizwan Baig

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Coming from a very humble background I have excelled in the field of photography from the point of non recognition to the heights of fame. I come from the inner city of Lahore. Growing up on the streets of Lahore I was exposed to a variety of personas. I was friends with people much older to me as well as people younger then me. People who were idle and people who were family men. Learnt my ways of life from them. Till now my roots haven't changed. I am what am today because of the wonderful past I enjoyed as a boy in the streets of my city. My bluntness and confidence reflects in my work which I owe to the environment I grew up in.

My study in NCA was one thing that changed my life completely. A fortunate Accident turned my life from the carefree street boy to the amazing world of Arts. I was introduced to this college by a friend of my brother. I was referred to Sir R.M Naeem by him. R.M Naeem is not only my mentor bur a great friend as well.
I did my bachelors in graphic design with photography as a minor subject. From the beginning of studying photography I was more into black and white. Was never an outstanding student but in third year I carried out a workshop for fourth year students. After graduation started my career as fashion photographer. Got my first major break when I did cover for Libas magazine (most prestigious in that time). From that point on I've done covers and campaigns for all the leading brands of pakistan.

Also Served as visiting faculty in NCA,kinnaird college , Lahore college and Hunerkada.

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