Noormah Jamal

Brief info

Noormah Jamal is a Lahore/Peshawar based Visual Artist. She did her Bachelors from The National College of Arts in 2016, majoring in Mughal Miniature painting and minoring in Printmaking. Where, she graduated with honours. Though trained in the pure Mughal technique, she does not consider herself as a Miniature artist but lets her creative process flow through any medium she sees fit, being an avid believer of the era of visual artists and not specialised ones.
Though having been raised and educated in most of the Provincial capitals of Pakistan, She is a Pukhtoon who is originally from FATA (Federally administered Tribal areas). Having moved around the country so often she feels this has amalgamated in her practice.
Since graduating, she has had numerous shows in Pakistan, Dubai, China and has had her work printed in various Magazines and Publications.