Nashmia Haroon

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With degrees in Fine Art Painting (2004) and M.A honors in Visual Art (2012) from the National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan, the practice of Lahore based artist Nashmia Haroon revolves around the changing urban landscape of major cities, presenting a clear metaphor of the regressive nature of these so-called progressive ideas of politically weak structural developments and decisions. These works are architectonic in nature when produced in sculpture, drawing and video. In one of her other projects, she is involved with making fictional collaborative works with other artists of Pakistan by taking their photographs in a pre-conceived environment that is reflective of their own practice. Her work speaks through the medium of photography, video, sculpture and drawing.

Haroon has shown works in Pakistan widely, and in India, Cambodia, UK, USA, and has regularly published works in local magazines like ArtNow Pakistan, Herald, and internationally published with Reuters, The Boston Globe etc.

Nashmia Haroon has taught at the Beaconhouse National University and the National college of Arts for a total of six years and is part of the visiting faculty (Fine Arts department) at the National College of Arts currently.

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