Manzoor Hussain

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Manzoor Hussain has graduated from the prestigious National College of Arts, Lahore in January 2017. After graduation Manzoor Hussain is practicing Mughal style of Miniature Painting. His first major show was held at the National College of Arts at his thesis display, after which he held a group show at Clifton Art Gallery, Karachi. Manzoor Hussain is currently teaching miniature painting at the Naqsh School of Arts, Lahore. Beside his professional and personal practice, Manzoor Hussain is an active and founding member of HAF (Hazara Artists Forum), a not for profit organization based in Quetta, whose core motto is to bring positive social change in the society through art. Manzoor Hussain envisions HAF to become a National scale organization and later International. Last year in July, 2016 HAF conducted a workshop about graffiti which was sponsored by Milo Shaheed Trust and Critical Collaboration – Global Institute for Advance Studies – NYU. Manzoor Hussain believes that some ideas are timeless and we need to find those timeless ideas to become more human and be agent of change. In future Manzoor Hussain has plans to work with other artists from different parts of the world to make this planet a better place to live.

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