Kiran Waseem Raza

Brief info

She is a lahore based artist, a place which is known for its unexpected happenings. A place which is chaotic yet attractive , difficult yet full of life. Her inspiration is the busy lives, long routes , long distances which are, somehow so much relatable with memories. A city which has peotic feel to every small thing if noticed.
Travelling has always been her turning point for her subject matter. A small moment or joy which can only be felt not described in words has been the inspiration.My concern is to look at a personal human journey from one place to another in the form of impressions that how everything is impermanent and temporary. The quality where present does not exactly exist. I focus on the deterioration of human journey.

She is a recent graduate in fine arts with major painting from national collage of arts from 2013 till 2017. I work and live in lahore. She has done her intermidiate from Kinnaird Collage for women.Had been a part of few group shows such as Royaat Art gallery 2017, Young at art alhamra 2017, Myartworld 2016,2017, Zulfi's Art gallery 2017, Taseer Art gallery 2017.

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