Amal Fatima Uppal

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Amal Fatima uppal is traditional painter and a digital Illustrator born and practicing in Lahore Pakistan.
Having been exposed to the field of art, literature and design from an early age she draws inspiration from both digital and traditional mediums. Uppal followed in her family's footsteps and graduated from the national college of arts with a major in painting. She went onto painting both private and commercial large scale wall murals in Lahore and experimented for years with digital painting mediums in the game design industry while practicing and exhibiting her traditional art.
Uppal feels her youth is one of the last pre-millennial childhoods- the last era where story's were narrated not animated, local festivals were not socially divided, Art had patrons and the city was inherently rich in culture and one could walk down the street without looking over ones shoulder.
Her work focuses on illustrating social concerns and changes that she has observed over the course of growing up in a post-colonial era in the culturally rich city of Lahore. She is fascinated with cultural Hybridity, social dichotomies and recording and preserving local lore from a contemporary art aspect. Uppal explores current events and social trends , fondly seeking to preserve the heritage she values and was raised with- alongside- but never against the ever changing and evolving world.

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