Alee Hassan

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Born & studied in Gujrat. Did graduation in Communication Design from School Of Art, Design & architecture.
Photography has been an important part of my life that has developed into a passion and aspiration since childhood. I realized this passion in the power of being able to connect people to my imagination. It gives me great pleasure to enable the audience to see through my eyes, while letting them interpret through their own minds. Additionally, I utilized this passion to create an individualistic style, which is comprised of implementing conceptual, fashionable, and inspiring elements to my photography, and showcasing them to the audience just the same. Being part of a rich and vibrant culture of Pakistan, my photography is influenced by factors that are not only admired within the nation, but can also be identified in various parts of the world. These include different eras, tales, styles, history and traditions.
In a generation heavily influenced by media and social media alike, photography has become an effective platform for communication. My photography often involves a fusion of artistic choices and techniques that help portray underlying messages and issues, so I am confident that it will provide a creative capacity for interpretations amongst all types of mindsets. I am also confident that my ongoing collaborations with artists from different walks of life will bring forth new ways of addressing fashion, social issues, and conceptual photography.
During college I analyzed photographers and their methods, specifically fashion photography, to nurture my interest. I started testing my own photography skills, and practicing diligently. It instantly appealed to me that I am able to make my own stylistic decisions and potentially create my own style. I experimented with graphic designing and confidently developed my signature style in fashion photography.
You may ask what is my signature style in photography. It’s a fusion of where reality starts and imagination ends. My photography involves utilizing unusual factors, dream-like essences, and dark elements. I believe this is effective in my photography to showcase the various aspects of life, in a fashionable manner.
What I find the most thrilling part about being a photographer is everything from the start to the very finish. To be able to construct a concept on a sketchbook drawn from my mind, preparing the set design, atmosphere, models and attires, directing the photo shoot, the post-production process, and finally showcasing the image. It’s all so exciting. It truly brings my imagination to reality, and makes it timeless.


Lux Style Award Nominated in Best Fashion photographer 2017
Behance Appreciation Award 2017
Lux Style Award winner Best Emerging Fashion photographer 2016
Behance Appreciation Award 2016
Behance Appreciation Award 2015
Behance Appreciation Award 2014


Fresh! Amin Gulgee Gallery 2014
KSDT International Design Invitational Exhibition 2014 Korea 2014 April
KSDT International Design Invitational Exhibition 2014 Korea 2014 October
T2f 2014

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