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Open Call

O ART SPACE hosts two exclusive exhibitions every year for fresh Visual Arts graduates of Pakistan, which has proven to be a very important milestone in their careers. We believe in equal opportunity and therefore, announce it through an OPEN CALL. These exhibitions are planned for the month of June/July 2023, for which dates will be announced after selection of artists. This opportunity is for you, if you are a fresh Visual Arts graduate of Pakistan! Submission Requirements: • Artworks produced after the…

Atif Khan’s Dreamland

By Suljuk Mustansar Tarar Printmaking for most people is associated with black, grey or sepia coloured abstract works. In practice printmaking is more than transfer of ideas or thoughts on to a surface through mechanical means. A printmaker tries different techniques and aims to achieve a certain style of print and effect from it that contributes to the overall visual impact of the artwork. Atif Khan is an internationally known Pakistani contemporary visual artist and represents the generation of artists who have pursued…

Hira Shah writes on ‘Of Land & Skies’ in Daily Times

By Hira Shah In an interview with the Telegraph India, Hammad Nasar (Head of Research and Programmes at Asia Art Archive) says that “the artists have taken the South Asian tradition of miniature to new heights, and then moved beyond the page to invent a new visual language, rooted in tradition but of the here and now.” By deviating from the set traditions of Art & Literature, we end up creating art pieces that serve to be manifestation of modern times and engage…



Shadows are created when a light source is blocked by an image; the resulting area is a dark shape or a silhouette. Our own shadows can sometimes appear ominous and mysterious because they are devoid of features; we may not notice them all the time but they are either in front of us, behind us, or near us, depending on the light source. This ambiguity of presence that shadows offer with their shape and form has fascinated many artists in the past.

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Ours is a cultural heritage bereft with visual expression for thousands of years. Through the contributions of individual thinkers, practitioners, and art institutions.

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